A History of Quality

NexxRad is known for quality. With its ever-growing list of clients, and consistently high marks from some of healthcare’s most stringent governing bodies, NexxRad has certainly has set the standard in the industry. In 2006, we received the prestigious Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization’s (JCAHO) Golden Seal of Approval. Today, more and more hospitals are relying on JCAHO accreditation to verify and process new staff privileging applications.
Our equipment, software, business practices and record keeping meet or exceed ACR guidelines and are all HIPAA compliant.

Discrepancy Reviews

In the event of any discrepancies between preliminary reports and overread reports, NexxRad has developed a Quality Assurance process to allow us to continually improve systems and prevent future issues. Any discrepant findings noted in the over-read preliminary reports sent by our clients are marked confidential and electronically sent to the diagnosing teleradiologist and our Group Medical Director for review and comment. The Medical Director will review and mark the discrepancy as resolved and the report will be closed.