About Us

As a leader in the teleradiology field, NexxRad offers many unique advantages to its clients. The five principles that support our mission are:

  • Commitment to Quality
  • World-Class Technology
  • Outstanding Team
  • Radiologist owned
  • Focus on Service

Our Team

    We utilize only American Board of Radiology-certified, U.S.-trained and -based radiologists, all of whom are full-time employees, not subcontractors or residents. They all have years of experience in radiology and many have specialty training.

Our Vision

    To deliver reliable, cost-effective teleradiology solutions that add value to our clients’ relationship with their hospital and or referring physicians by allowing them to more efficiently utilize their greatest asset – people.

Our Mission

    We’re dedicated to improving performance, providing excellent customer service, and providing 24/7 coverage to our partners while maintaining the highest levels of excellence and integrity. We strive daily to meet and exceed the standards for patient care set by ourselves, on-site radiology practices we serve, the referring physicians, the facilities we service and The Joint Commission.

Our Values

Our clients are our partners; we augment and assist them, and never compete with or replace local radiologists. Working seamlessly together, we become part of your team.
We embody a dedication to our profession, to improving patients’ lives, and to our community.
Quality of Life
Offering flexibility to our radiologists with work hours and location creates a better work/life balance, which translates into higher performance, less turnover and a positive and professional work environment.
A Team Approach
A multiplicity of specialists generates more solutions and collaboration. We believe every employee is a valuable team member that contributes to our success -- and empowered team members mitigate bureaucracy and improve customer satisfaction.
Precision in our reports is not only important, it can be lifesaving; we pride ourselves on being detail-oriented and thorough with each and every case.
We offer a broad range of sub-specialty radiology from physicians trained at many of the world’s most renowned universities. This international training broadens our perspective of the world, and ensures NexxRad Teleradiology Partners reflects the true diversity of our dynamic culture.

Company History